Thursday, March 24, 2016


I look happy in these pictures when these were taken yesterday because I was a tad bit happier than I am today.
On Tuesday night, I had my last spring concert and I surprised my parents by singing a solo. They were really surprised. I also didn't know the words to the solo very well so I had to put my music on a music stand in front of the mic and then funny story, I looked up from the music for 5 seconds to look at the audience and I lost my place and didn't know the words....Good job Elisabeth!!

Today, I am a little upset because I was rejected from my #2 school. I have already been accepted into 2 schools, and I wouldn't mind going to those schools but they are not my top picks. But this is my 3rd rejection letter and this one really upset me. I really liked the school and I thought I was going to get in because I showed a lot of interest and they came to my school looking for students. The first school I got rejected from in January I just kind of laughed it off because I didn't want to go there anyway. My second rejection hurt a little bit but I just kinda shrugged my shoulders. But this one today really hurt. I must have cried for an hour. When I told Giorgia she called me right away and stayed on the phone with me for over an hour. I love you Georgy! 
I know everything happens for a reason but it's easier said then understood when you get rejected from your 2nd choice school. 
I think I was also really upset because I am finally realizing that I am graduating and that I am leaving high school and going to an unfamiliar place very soon. It also made me realize that maybe I am meant to go to one of the schools I got into or maybe I am meant to go to my #1 choice, which I am still waiting to hear from. The future is really scary and I think I was upset more about the lack of control in my future and not necessarily that I did't get into my #2 choice. 

Oh a lighter note, here is a really preppy and springy outfit!
I love wearing layers during the transitioning of seasons. 
This is one of my favorite shirts! I have it in like 4 colors! It is so light weight and super soft.
This blouse looks great with my navy blue vest but also will look great with white jeans and Jack Rogers!

Necklace: sterling silver monogrammed pendant (similar)
Belt: skinny sparkly silver belt (similar)


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