Monday, March 7, 2016

Production Week: Day 1

Hello and welcome to production week (or as the actors and crew like to call it; Hell Week) for our spring show of The Man Who Came to Dinner!
This week is very crazy for me! I was let out early of rehearsal today, 8:30pm, which doesn't sound that bad considering for most shows I have been at school until 11pm, but still I was at school this morning at 7:15.
I am also onstage for pretty much the entire show because my character Miss Preen is always running in and out of the library following the commands of Mr. Whiteside! (You can read more about my show in this blog post) So I don't really get a lot of down time to do homework or relax. But I love it and this is my last show! :(
Today in gym I started CPR, and it was really intense. I took the class a couple of years ago before I started babysitting but this class is really really intense. I know CPR is serious and all but it was a bit crazy. As nice as it was not to have to change for gym, I think I would much rather run around and play a little badminton then have to think and learn... Ya know? I have 9 periods of class straight and I like gym because it's fun and a social period, where I can talk with all my friends.
If you saw on my Instagram (@tallandpreppy) you would have seen that I got a haircut!
Yeah well, it looked great after it was blown out and all but when I washed my hair and let my hair air dry I realized the back of my hair is totally uneven and there are no layers, like I asked there to be! I'm not a happy camper right now.
And to make matters worse, yesterday I went to pick up my prom dress (it's gorgeous) and it was suppose to be a new one, but it wasn't! It had a split seam by the butt and the dress was filthy. Well, let me tell you my mom got on the phone and handled the whole situation, translation: my dress is being fixed and cleaned and will look brand new for prom!

My chic and comfy outfit today for hell week! And I have to look extra cute this week because I was told that someone is asking me to prom this week.... We shall see!! And if he doesn't do it, I am doing it myself!

Sweater: Gap red long cardigan (similar)
Earrings: Tiffany pearls 
Necklace: sterling silver monogrammed pendant (similar)

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