Saturday, March 19, 2016

He said YES!

Guess who has a date to prom?? 
My dress came back from the dry cleaners on Thursday night so it was just hanging on my closet door so I knew I couldn't keep looking at my dress without asking this boy to prom. He told my friend in February that he wanted to ask me to prom, but he is very shy so I decided I couldn't wait any longer and just had to do it! 
I tried to do it at the end of math class but I was too nervous to do it so I just texted him. 
And this is how it went:
Me: So when are we going to hang out?
Him: I don't know
Me: Hmm let me think... What about April 16? Are you free?
Him: Yeah sounds good! Where do you wanna go?
Me: Well April 16th kinda requires a tux...
Him: Really now? Sounds fancy
Me: Yeah it kind of is...It's this thing called prom, idk if u've heard of it before....
Him: Yea!!!!That sounds awesome!!!!!!!!

So yeah! I have a date to prom and we are both so excited! I later made a joke about if he felt honored that he is my date and he said he was, which is really cute and sweet!
All my friends were so excited and happy that I actually asked him! But honestly, I didn't feel any different after I asked him. We both kinda knew we were going together it was just a matter of who was going to ask who and when! 
My brother told me to wait for him to ask me, my friends told me to do a big "proposal" thing and I just decided to text him! I did it my way and I don't regret not listening to my brother or my friends... sorry guys!
I have to say after waking up this morning, it has sunk in that I am going to prom with him and I am super super excited!!!

Here are some photos of my outfit from yesterday which was a very causal outfit, very different from what I normally wear to school!
I am wearing a t-shirt! Shocker I know! But it's a J Crew t-shirt sooooo lol. ( And yes, it has elephants on it)

Shirt: J Crew navy blue elephant t-shirt (similar #1, similar #2)
Shoes: Sperry top siders gold sparkly boat shoes (similar)
Necklace: J Crew gold and clear jeweled statement necklace (similar)


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