Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Boyfriend Jeans

You don't need to have a boyfriend just to wear boyfriend jeans!

My schedule has not slowed down one bit! I went straight from play rehearsal and putting on a show to badminton practice!
Badminton is so much fun and a great cardio workout, but I'm kinda lonely because none of my friends who were on the team last year came back. (*cough Sophia *cough)
Because of badminton practice being after school, I never get to see Michelle anymore :(. We used to catch up everyday after school on our ride home but now I just see her for a little bit in the mornings before school, where she just kinda nags me to ask that boy to prom already....( Love you Mitch!) 
But tomorrow night Michelle, Justine, Giorgia and I have some fun things planned, and you are just going to have to wait and see what we are doing tomorrow night!

Now onto my outfit!
A very different look for me today! Michelle thought I looked super casual, but I don't think this look is casual at all! I think it is super chic and fashionable!
The boyfriend jeans tone down the loudness of the shirt. My accessories are what keeps the outfit from looking too casual!

Shirt: J Crew light pink tee with sequin front (similar)


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