Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hell Week: Day 3

I got out of rehearsal tonight at 10:30pm!
I have been at school since 7:15 am.... That's a long time to be at school!
The show is coming along really well and I'm really excited! The show is hysterical, but really long. It is three acts and two intermissions. 
Tonight we started using microphones so that is always fun. And when I did my mike check tonight I screamed, because that is one of my "lines", and got yelled at my director, but it sure did wake everyone up!! 
I don't know why I've never taken photos in my school before, but this is me standing next to my locker. My locker is a bottom one unfortunately, but I have pretty much always had a bottom locker except last year when my bottom locker didn't work so I got a top one and when in 8th grade there was an extra person in our grade so instead of being under my brother, because my name comes first in the alphabet, I got the one diagonal from him, and it was a top locker and it was great! But I have to say bottom lockers are even better because then you can put your bag on the floor and don't have to like hold it and struggle to get your books out. 

Shirt: H&M high neck cream lace top


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