Thursday, March 3, 2016

Did my friends get dates to prom?

So after Michelle finally threw in the towel about finding a date to prom, my other best friend Justine found her a date to prom. It's a miracle! I am so happy that all my friends will be going to prom and that everyone can relax!! But now with my other group of friends, there is some prom drama about how one girl can't bring this guy because he's this other girl's ex-boyfriend. Long story short, a lot of unnecessary drama. 
So this is where everyone asks, "So Elisabeth who are you going to prom with?" Yeah well that's still up in the air! Hopefully by next week I will have a date and then I can tell you guys all about it!

I am obsessed with my new Tory Burch flats! I got them for Christmas, but this is only my second time wearing them! I wore them to the airport for February break and today! And I think they are so cute and feminine!

Sweater: Gap pink cardigan (similar)
Shirt: Joe Fresh navy blue striped/lace boat neck top (similar)


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