Friday, December 18, 2020

Why you Need Friends in Law School and Why you Need these J.Crew Velvet Pants

My friend Alex and I joked that when we came to law school, we each had no intentions of making friends. I knew making friends would be nice, but it wasn’t a goal of mine. And then I sat right in front of Alex in class, and that was it. My first friend in law school.

I met Chloe via Groupme before classes started because we both went to school in NC.

Trish sat next to me.

Emma and Nicole sat behind Alex and I.

Arianna came to my beach picnic.


The rest is history!


We also have the same goals and similar work ethics. Our goals are to: get through law school, be successful and work hard.


Fun fact: we all have different astrological signs, if you are into that.

We laugh about how we became friends! We became friends really fast.

We all sat near each and sat in the same seats every day (because of Covid) and had no choice but to socialize with those around us. A couple of us worked on a group project and got to know each other better.

And then we started studying together. When studying together, I learned so much about them but also about how to be a better student. We collaborated on outlines. We shared ideas and asked stupid questions. We all grew together and learned so much this semester. I wouldn’t have succeeded as well as I did this semester without them. We shared memories from class, funny memories of the kids falling asleep on Zoom and stressful memories. There really is company in misery.

Whenever I needed something, or had a question, someone was there to give me confidence or advice. 

These girls gave me something to look forward to every morning when waking up at the crack of dawn to drive to my 8am class. 

We became academic friends really fast, because we saw how similar our goals in school were but also, we realized that we all loved to be social and have fun. Law school can be fun!

I planned Trish’s birthday dinner. We celebrated Oktoberfest with the boyfriends. We had weekly study sessions on Monday night before the Bachelorette, and we recently celebrated Secret Santa.

It is crazy that I went into law school not planning on meeting any friends, and now I have six beautiful friends that are the smartest and most hard-working women I know. 

We are all so similar and get along so beautifully, it is crazy that we all ended up together.

Apparently, something turned out right in 2020.


And I am proud to say that we all did well on our finals. I wouldn’t have done as well if I didn’t have these strong ladies by my side.


Hopefully I convinced you that having friends in law school makes everything better. I’m lucky that I made friends by chance, but I’m sure that doesn’t happen to everyone. 


If you are thinking about going to law school, or already accepted, please go into law school with plans about making friends! 

I promise, law school will be so much better if you have people to laugh with and cry with.


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