Monday, September 7, 2020

Cold Calling in Law School

This week marks my fifth week as a law student.
Within the past four weeks I have been cold called on three times in the same class.
Cold calling or the Socratic Method is a law school tradition where law professors can call on you at any time throughout the class and ask you to present a case that you read for homework to the class.

In my civil procedure class, I have been called on to present three cases to the class.
Three cases! Two in one day.

I did one case one week and joked with my classmates that I wouldn’t be called on again in that class, and five minutes later, class started, and I got called on to go over a case. I laughed to myself and all my friends laughed with me. We were shocked that I got called on again.
After my case, we took a 10-minute class break and I took a sigh of relief and joked to my friends that, no way am I’m ever getting called on again in this class. Well again I spoke too soon and had to do another case.

So that Friday, I spoke the entire class and taught the class allll about World-Wide Volkswagen Corp. v. Woodson.
So now it is safe to say, the entire class knows my name now, I am no longer a fan of that professor and I will no longer be speaking in that class.


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