Tuesday, January 3, 2023

2023 Goals and Bucket List

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Happy 2023! This is going to be a big year and hopefully a great one. I am a bit skeptical to say it’s going to be an amazing year, because last time I had a really big and (what was supposed to be an) exciting year of graduating and celebrating my accomplishments, was a tough year when the whole world shut down in 2020.

So, I am going into this year with low expectations, so I am not severely disappointed like I was in 2020. I am going to let everything happen as it may and let the good things come to me!

winter white, tweed blazer, chicwish, happy new year, new year, new years goals

Let’s rewind and see what I checked off my bucket list from 2022! You can read my bucket list HERE.

          Visit the US Open

          Go to Wake’s Homecoming 

          See the Transit Museum

          Have a snack at Maman

          Visit Montauk

          Visit college friends

          Have a wine tasting at Chelsea market 

          Go for tea at the Plaza

          Go to the opera

          Picnic on Governor’s Island

      Walk from the top of Manhattan to the bottom

          Spend time in Florida

winter white, tweed blazer, tweed, chicwish, yearly goals, bucket list, winter outfit, winter date night outfit, feathers

This year I don’t have a bucket list, just more a list of goals.

My goals for 2023:


-       Graduate law school

-       Pass the bar exam

-       Get a job and start my career

-       Travel

-       Save more, spend less (Shop my closet more)

-       Cook more, eat out less

-       Move my body for 30 minutes every day

-       Become a morning person again by waking up earlier and going to bed earlier

-       Practice patience

-       Double my revenue from last year for T&P

-       Acquire 2.5k followers on Pinterest

-       Acquire 5k followers on LTK

-       Acquire 10k followers on Instagram

tweed blazer, winter white, white tweed blazer, new year goals, feather heels, new year

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