Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Skin Care Routine: Retinol

Being inside for the past two weeks, has been a bit rough, but not for my skin.
My skin is looking the best it has in years, maybe in forever, actually.

This is one of the few benefits of being quarantined for weeks.

I have never felt so rested and so refreshed. My skin has never been clearer.
I am not stressed so I am not breaking out. I am also not in a dirty environment. 
I also haven’t worn makeup in weeks. I did once or twice to take pictures, but besides that, I have been letting my skin breathe.

I also have been super focused on my skincare routine.
I have gone over my skincare routine before, but I wanted to focus on one skincare product that has been transforming my skin for the past couple of years.


Retinol or retinoic acid is a part of vitamin A that gets rid of wrinkles, acne scars and everything in between. Retinol is known to be drying, because it is so powerful, and promotes skin cell turnover. Retinol takes the top layer of your skin off and lets new skin, undamaged skin come to the surface. 

I use a very strong prescription form of retinol, in a cream form, from my dermatologist, every night before I go to bed. I put on my moisturizer and eye cream and then I take a tiny pea-sized amount of retinol and put it on my forehead, cheeks and t-zone; on any spot that I have acne scars or discoloration.

You are never too young to take care of your skin! I am looking at all my lovely friends in their 20s. Wear your SPF every day and use retinol with a moisturizer every night!

Retinol comes in prescription forms like I have, but also over the counter forms. There is no excuse to not take care of your skin! I have listed some highly recommended ones down below.


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