Monday, January 16, 2023

Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps vs. Ally Classic Pump

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Thinking of investing in a comfortable and quality designer heel? 
Today, I will be comparing and contrasting Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps to the Ally Classic Pumps.

Both beautiful designer shoes, known to be comfortable, great for work and every day. Let’s compare them.

*I have been gifted all of my Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps and my one pair of Ally Heels. 

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Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps

Ally Classic Pump


Lots of toe cleavage. Heel is sleek and skinny.

No toe cleavage. Stiletto at the heel of the shoe is wide.

Toe box

Hard to break in, takes many wears. Very cushioned under the ball of the foot.

Squishy footbed, like play dough (I don’t know how else to describe it) like material that molds to your foot.

Arch support

Very structured arch support that is great for high arches.

Medium support in arches.

Heel height

100mm, 85mm, 50mm

3inch, 2inch

Country or origin







Wide array of sizes

Wide array of sizes and widths. You pick your size via a paper ruler/foot cut out that is sent to you so you can pick your perfect size and width. 

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In this post I am wearing Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps in 85mm leopard calf (my newest addition to my collection). You can read about my Sarah Flint collection HERE.

You can use my promo code: SARAHFLINT-BAELIZABETHG for $50 off your Sarah Flint purchase. 


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