Monday, August 17, 2020

My First Week of Law School Summary

So, I’ve officially done a week of law school and I thought I would summarize it.

1.          It’s weird and different than undergrad.
Maybe it has to do with the masks. And maybe it has to do with that I don’t know anyone. More observations to follow.
2.          Law school feels more like work and not school. I feel like I’m working a 9-5. After class I come home and do my homework and then I am done before dinner.
3.          Right now, law school is not social. Like I said in one of my previous posts, we didn’t have orientation, so we didn’t have the chance to bond with our class and meet them. After class I go home, eat lunch and study in my room all day. I’ve met a couple of classmates that sit around me, but that is kind of it. However, I did plan a socially distant beach picnic next weekend for our class to meet each other.

2.          The work amount seems comparable to Wake. A girl that sits behind me went to an Ivy League school, and she agrees that the workload isn’t so bad right now.
3.          All I’m taking is law classes. I am not taking a class in history, English and science. I am just taking law classes. Because of this everything overlaps in my head. We are reading pretty much the same thing in every class except for the small differences in the types of law. And we’re still using the same skills in every class.
4.          The suits didn’t last long. By Friday, the students that started in suits were in leggings and t-shirts.
5.          No clubs or activities. Okay, there are clubs and activities but not right now due to COVID and when they do return, they won’t be a major component of law school, like it was in undergrad. 

More observations to follow!


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