Wednesday, January 27, 2021

My First Week of Online Law School Featuring Jewel Tones

It officially marks a week since I started my spring semester of (online) law school.

In the fall, I was fully in-person. But this semester has started online. I am tentatively online fully until February and then if we get to go to our in-person classes, I will still be online Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with 95 other students in my Zoom classes and I will be going in-person on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


This semester I am taking Contracts, Property, Constitutional Law I and Legal Writing II.


I was dreading online school.

However, it seems like I kind of got the hang of it, more so than last spring when me and my classmates (and the rest of the world) was forced online for the rest of my undergraduate career.

This time for online classes, I know what to expect. I like the flexibility of working from home.

I like that I don’t have to commute which means I get to sleep in a bit more. I also like that I don’t have to put on real pants. I do always do something with my hair and put a nice top on with some sort of accessory. I love to wear bright colors on Zoom to make me look alive, awake and put together, even if the only thing you see is from my shoulders up in my little Zoom box. Putting on a shirt and a bit of jewelry every day makes me feel pulled together. I highly recommend it for Zoom university or Zoom work.


I really don’t like how much time I am on the computer though and that I spend the entire day sitting in my pink room.

By the end of my classes, I am ready to get up and get out of the house, whether that be on a walk or a drive to the gym.


I’ve said it once, but I will say it again, I could not do law school without my amazing friends.

I met the most amazing group of women first semester of law school! Without them I would be lost and not as successful as I am right now.


Most of our professors give us 10-minute breaks during online class so we can get up and walk around and get away from the screen. But from one screen to the next I go, because the second the professor turns off their camera, and we turn ours off, my friends are FaceTiming me in our big group chat and we are chatting about the class and the professor, like we would’ve done in an in-person class, like we did all last semester.


We have also started up our study group/Bachelor watching Monday’s again. So we can get together off of the Zoom and FaceTime screens and be together and share laughs and stories from class but also from outside our Zoom lives.


I also really like the set-up in my room this semester. I bought a cheap laptop stand from Amazon to prop my laptop on when I am in Zoom class so I can look up at the professor and the class and not hurt my neck. But it also gives me more room on my desk to spread out all my notes and papers. I think this laptop stand has been a game changer so far. It makes me feel like I’m in class in-person too, because I am looking up at the professor, like I would in a classroom.


So far, I don’t have too many complaints about online class. My professors are all so nice and understanding about how hard it is to be online, but they are also tough and expect us to bring our A games every class, which is encouraging but also difficult considering I am sitting in the same spot every single day for 12+ hours a day. But it is nice to feel like I am in a real classroom with real class standards.


I will never fully like online classes, but I am hanging in there and making the most of it!

I can’t wait to be back in-person every day for school, like in 2019. A girl can dream.

Hopefully that will be very soon!

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