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New York vs. North Carolina: Life, Fashion and Culture

For the past four years I have lived in North Carolina while attending Wake Forest University. In May I graduated and moved home to New York, where I have been living since then.

I’ve definitely made some notes over the years about similarities and differences between my home up north and my home at school. I have continued to make these observations now while I am living at home.

Obviously, these are all my opinions and may be a bit biased because I did live on a college campus for four years with kids mostly from the northeast, but still here are my observations based on the outside world from the bubble of campus.


New York 

North Carolina

Everyone is always busy and, on the move

More relaxed pace of life

Bolder in my fashion looks

Very preppy and southern look

No one stares at you when you take pictures, they actually move out of the way when they see you are trying to take pictures. (Nothing phases New Yorkers)

People stare at you when you take pictures

Way more expensive

Expensive, but not as bad

Takes you longer to get places because there are more people and more traffic

No traffic and no honking, but everything takes longer because everyone moves slower

Dirty streets

Clean streets

I’m way more confident in New York, because no one is judging you

Friendlier and happier people

You are always meeting new people

Everyone knows someone from New York


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