Friday, August 21, 2020

My Room Transformation

I have been living in the same room, in the same house my entire life.
My twin brother and I even shared this room when we were infants all the way up until Kindergarten. After my brother got his own room, next door, the walls were painted baby pink and the carpet changed from navy to pink.
Since Kindergarten, my room has pretty much looked the same since. Except that in high school, I upgraded to a queen-sized bed.


I had no real desire to change my room, because I really don’t like change, until my classmates and friends would laugh at me and at the dolls that stuck out from behind my head during Zoom class this past spring.
So, because of that, and because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to change rooms every year like I did in undergrad, because I was going to be living at home for 3 years of law school, I thought it was time for an upgrade.


We didn’t do anything major or super expensive. We just updated my room and refreshed it.
The biggest thing were the floors. Under my carpet were these beautiful hardwood floors.
We repainted, the exact same color, by accident.
And bought some new accessories: a new desk chair, new curtains, a new comforter, new art, new lamps, and a new side chair.
I kept the same furniture.
I even used some of the same pillows and lamps from my dorm room and the pillows that I previously had in this room.

I love my updated room! It is so pretty. It feels so clean and fresh.



  1. Elizabeth!! I absolutely LOVE the bedroom refresh!! I adore all the new pieces and I especially love your chair corner! That’s perfect for reading and enjoying a cuppa. Very beautiful indeed. ��


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