Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Importance of Mentors

In the fall, I was given the opportunity to apply to a mentorship program through my school. I have never had an official mentor before. I have always gone to teachers, family members or older friends (or younger) for advice and support with life and school.

But now, that I am officially starting my path towards a legal career, I thought it would be super beneficial if I could have a legal mentor.

My sister-in-law is a lawyer, my neighbor across the street is a lawyer, and so is every other person in New York. But I know close to nothing about the legal profession. I have only worked as a research assistant to a law professor once, and that was it. That was my only taste of the legal field.

When I was offered this opportunity, I jumped at it. I have a very specific job I want to do.

I want to work for the legal team of a French fashion house. It is a very specific job, but with the advice or guidance from my mentor, I’m hoping to make that happen.


I applied to the program and was accepted.

My mentor’s name is Michael, very ironic, because my father, eldest brother and nephew all are named Michael.

He is an intellectual property lawyer and works with high end brands, which is exactly what I want to do! His job is insanely cool, and I am so glad I was able to connect with him.


I met with Michael several times this past fall via Zoom and I learned so much.

I learned about how to join the law review, how important grades are, how/when to apply for summer jobs, how many to apply to, how to get into the field I want and, etc.

He is the best!


I also have another mentor- Joe, who is helping me with my cover letters for my summer job applications. I have never had a really good cover letter until now, and it is all thanks to him. He is such an eloquent writer, and I am so happy that I have met him (virtually) and worked with him.

I wish I would’ve had mentors like these men when I was in undergrad and was looking to apply to law school. I had no idea about what kind of lawyer I wanted to be, or how to apply to law school or anything.

I love Wake with my whole heart, but their pre-law advisor is atrocious. It is embarrassing how horrible the advisor is. When I was a freshman, she told me I would never get into law school… thanks for nothing lady.


Here is the moral of the story: go find a mentor or if you are given the opportunity to be given one, take it! And if you have any questions about applying to law school, or going to Wake, let me be your mentor!

I’m serious! My DMs on Instagram and email (tallandpreppy@gmail.com) are always open and I’m happy to help! 

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