Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Kappa Delta Recruitment 2020

My last recruitment week!
Although the week is long, exhausting, and stressful, it is also SO MUCH FUN!
I met so many nice potential new members (PNMs) and we added the most amazing group of new members!

Wake does deferred recruitment. Women rush in the spring semester of their freshman year.
All women who want to rush and join a sorority, come a week before classes start in January and meet sorority women from each chapter at “parties.”
By the end of the week, after speed dating many sorority women at each chapter, a chapter will select women to join and they will become a part of a new pledge class!

I always wanted to join a sorority. When I was rushing my freshman year, I knew I wanted to be a KD from the first day I met the girls in the chapter.

My first semester freshman year I felt like I was not really clicking with everyone I met. I had made a couple of good friends but not a ton and not a ton that I was super confident that would stay around forever. I felt like I couldn’t be my real, crazy, loud, outgoing, happy self all the time with these girls. The first day at KD I was cracking jokes and laughing, and I felt like the KD sisters I was talking to were already friends and sisters of mine. I was so nervous during rush because I loved KD, but I did not know if they loved me the same back. But clearly, they did.
Since joining KD, I have made tremendous bonds with some of the amazing girls in our chapter. I have made some great lifelong friends. And even if I have not become the best of friends with every girl in the chapter, I still know that if I needed a shoulder to cry on, or help, my sorority sisters would be there for me.

Day 1-

The PNMs meet every sorority.
I met several T&P fans at the parties throughout the day. Hi ladies! Thanks for saying hi!

Day 2- Philanthropy Day

All the sororities show videos to show our philanthropies. Kappa Delta’s philanthropies are Girl Scouts and Prevent Child Abuse America.
Girl Scouts is an organization that is near and dear to my heart. I was a Girl Scout my whole life and I am even on a Girl Scout cookie box!

Day 3- Sisterhood Day

On Sisterhood Day every sorority shows their local chapter video to demonstrate the sisterhood in the chapter. Our video was so beautifully made and focused on the seniors and how our lives have been transformed by KD.

Day 4- Pref Night

On Pref Night, our chapter has a special ceremony to show our love for each sister and there are always lots of emotions and tears. Pref Night is always my favorite night of recruitment.

Day 5- BID DAY

Bid Day BEST DAY! On Sunday, we welcomed 59 new sisters into our chapter! We are so excited! We celebrated all afternoon with our new sisters on the quad, in our lounge and then at the trampoline park.

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