Tuesday, January 28, 2020

“Me” Time

As I was writing my Instagram caption for yesterday’s post, it sparked the topic for this blog post.

J.Crew orange sweater | Madewell Taller jeans | Tory Burch cheetah Reva flats

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to say no to things that don’t make me happy. I am such a yes woman and it makes me miserable some of the time.
So, I’ve made a conscious effort to do more things that make me happy!

When I first started college I was so super focused on school that my only “fun” time was eating dinner with friends and on Friday afternoons, when I treated myself to tv watching.

My senior year, I have finally realized the importance of “me” time and “fun” time.
Since the beginning of the semester I have made it a point to watch the bachelor every Monday night with my friends and to sit and watch tv in bed Friday afternoons. I have also tried to watch Netflix a couple of times a week, another activity that I never feel like I have time for.

Maybe my new dedication to “me” time is because my work load is not as large as it has been in the past or maybe it is because I have finally realized how important it is to recharge around friends and by myself. And I think maybe it has to do with that I finally realized that grades and schoolwork aren’t everything. You don’t have to read every single word on every single page. I’ve realized life and time in college goes by way to fast to not enjoy it more!

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