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Sorority Rush Tips and Tricks

Happy New Year!
If you are rushing a sorority in the next couple of weeks for delayed rush, or you just want to learn more about sorority rush, stay tuned for my tips and tricks on how I found my fit with the sisters of Kappa Delta at Wake Forest University!

Wake Forest University has delayed rush so I didn’t rush until last January, which was the beginning of the spring semester of my freshman year. 

Sorority rush is hard to explain unless you have been through it before.
But I guess the easiest way to explain it, is that you meet all the sororities and find the girls that you fit with. 
Long story short all you have to do is talk.
It’s really as simple as that!
You tell the girls about yourself, they ask you questions, you ask them questions; it’s like going on a first date!
You are pretty much flirting with girls! It is so so so important to be yourself and if you are not genuine most sisters can tell.
And when you are your natural self, you will find the sorority you are supposed to be in!

That being said, first impressions are important!
During rush week I wore outfits that I felt comfortable and confident in. I also wore items that I have known that I get compliments on.
Sneaky, but I did get a lot of compliments from girls in all the sororities each day! It made me feel really nice and gave me a boost of confidence during each party!
So there you go! Pro tip!!

The first day all the potential new members wore t-shirts that Pahnellenic council gave us. We had to wear them with jeans. 
Of course, I accessorized my t-shirt and wore a simple sparkly necklace and boots.

Don't be afraid to accessorize your plain t-shirt with a scarf or a statement pair of earrings!
Just remember to wear accessories that make you feel confident!!

Tip: Don't wear a watch, even if it is just used as an accessory and not really to look at the time. You may feel inclined to look down at it when you are meeting girls at different sororities and it might make you look like you don't want to be there!

The next day the dress code was "nice casual."
I wore my red sweater with a statement necklace, jeans and boots!
This sweater always gets me many compliments as does this necklace! So it was a perfect combo!

The following day was even dressier.
Panhellenic council told us to dress, "business professional."
Most girls wore dresses or skirts.
I opted for black pants, a pretty purple blouse and a long fur vest with my black Tory Burch flats.
It was so cold so the pants were the way to go!
They were also super comfortable to wear all day long!

I was a big fan of the fur vest because it brought me, yet again, a lot of attention and compliments from lots of sorority girls!
I think it was partially because I looked so chic but also because most girls weren't wearing fur vests! 
So in my opinion a fur vest is the way to go!
I also could of worn this outfit with a black skirt and tights, but it was just too cold, I didn't want to freeze.

Here are some things I have worn to other functions that you could use as inspiration for your day three outfit!!


All black

Green dress

The next day was Pref night or pref day in our case because we had a snow day in between the 3rd and 4th day. Apparently North Carolina freaks out if there is an inch of snow…

So on pref day I wore this gorgeous dress that I also wore to Christmas last year. I double dipped. But if Kate Middleton can repeat outfits, so can I!
I wore this dress with my nude pumps and it worked out because all the KD sisters were wearing navy dresses and nude pumps too so I already looked like a sister! It was so great!

Most girls wore black dresses but as you may know I am not a big black dress fan. I think black is a bit boring. Pick a color! Pick a pattern or a sparkle!!
You can really wear any party dress that you already own!
I think all of the dresses I have worn for formal over the past year would be perfect for pref night!
Here are several options that you can use as inspiration!!

Red hot with one of my KD sisters!!


Sparkles and feathers!

In this blog post I gave you tips and tricks on how to make a good first impression on sorority sisters when going through rush. I also told you the only really important thing about rush is about being yourself and talking. I know I must be sending mixed messages and mixed signals. I know that this all sounds so superficial. And I guess rush is a bit superficial, but at the end of the day, sorority sisters like YOU for YOU! Not your clothes!
I'm serious.
And if they like you for just your clothes, then they are not the right sorority for you!!

Best of luck! You will all be fabulous! 


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