Thursday, January 16, 2020

My Last First Week of Classes at Wake Forest

My last first week of class is almost over! What a fun and crazy week it has been! There are going to be a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts this semester.
I am devastated to be graduating at the end of this semester, but I am super excited for everything that I will do leading up to graduation!

I didn’t get a real feel for my schedule until the end of the day Wednesday.
I have three classes on Monday and Friday, only one on Tuesday and Thursday and then five on Wednesday! Yikes! I am in 14.5 credit hours this semester.

So far, all of my classes seem like they will be fun!
My English professor who teaches my senior seminar, told us that the class is going to be relaxed because she knows we are all second semester seniors. She told us she will only grade us on the work we do. I have never heard that from a Wake Forest professor ever. It was a really nice surprise!
Another surprise is that, this is the only English professor that has repeated from another semester of mine. Usually, I never repeat English professors.

I am also repeating French professors this semester. Last spring, I took a business French class and now I am taking the second installment of that class so I can be certified in competency for French business.

This is also the first time ever in my college career that I am taking two French classes at the same time.

I love that even as a second semester senior I am still meeting new classmates and seeing friends in my classes.

I am really excited about my other English class which is a literature and film class. Every Wednesday we will be viewing the film adaptations of the novels we read in class.

I am also taking my first ever business class at the business school, titled: Business Life Skills. Hopefully I can learn to do my taxes and how to better balance a budget! Also, the business school, Farrell Hall is a stunning building!

This semester will also be the last semester I’m in chorus! I have been in chorus since freshman year. At the end of the semester, when I graduate, my professor will be retiring.

Although there will be a lot of “last time I ever do that” things this semester, there will still be a ton of firsts, and I hope to document them all here!
I am super excited for this semester and cannot wait to take you guys along with me!

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