Thursday, January 30, 2020

How to Meet New People and How to Make Friends

Sounds easy, but it is not.
This blog post is for all the newly accepted college freshman and for adults alike.
Making friends is hard!

I wanted to write this blog post, because as a second semester senior, I am amazed that I am still meeting new people and making new friends.
Wake only has 5,000 undergrad students, so you would think that I would know just about everyone in my class at least, but nope.

Here are some tips I have learned over the years:

1.          Always smile! Smile at people as you pass them on the walk to class. Smile at strangers. If you have a smile on your face, people are more likely to approach you!
2.          Say hi to everyone! On your walk to work or class, in the dining hall, in the elevator, make eye contact and say hi with a smile.
3.          Try new things! Go to a new workout class, take a new different class, try a new spot for lunch, join a new club. Do something new, so you can meet people that you wouldn’t normally have met otherwise.
4.          Sit next to someone new in the library or in class and give them a compliment or ask them about their day/the class! This is probably my favorite tip because I think it works the BEST!
5.          Go out and be social! Go to parties with friends, or to bars, and have your friends introduce you to other friends! Networking!

Hope these were some helpful ideas to help you meet new people and friends!

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