Monday, October 21, 2019

Giorgia’s Visit to Wake: Weekend in my Life

One of my oldest friends, Giorgia came to visit me this weekend while she was on fall break!
Giorgia is one of the first people I told about T&P back in high school. She was the person I called crying when I got rejected from my second-choice college. She is so smart and such an amazing friend. She always has my back and gives me the best advice. I am so blessed to have her in my life, and I was so happy she was able to come down and visit me in North Carolina for the weekend!
We had such a fun weekend, maybe a little too much fun.

Thursday, Giorgia landed while I was in class and Ubered to the library. We were reunited on the 4th floor of the ZSR next to the reference desk. We grabbed Chick-fil-A for lunch, a rare commodity in New York. Our next stop was Target and CVS. I needed to restock on everything.
Thursday night, we went to Last Resort, as you may have seen on my T&P Thursday’s Instagram stories. I really showed Giorgia what it is like to go to the #14 party school in the nation!

Friday morning, I had one class, but we were able to sleep in until the fire alarm went off. Giorgia and I met my Kappa Delta grand-little for lunch before I dragged Giorgia on my campus tour at 3pm. She got to see all of campus and learn all about my wonderful school while I cracked some jokes along the way.
A big group of friends and Giorgia and I went to dinner at Yama’s in downtown Winston.
We bundled up for the home soccer game against UNC at 6pm and then got all dolled up for my Kappa Delta date function
Giorgia picked the best weekend to come. She was my hot date for the evening, and we looked fabulous.
I wore an outfit that was out of this world, literally. I looked crazy while Giorgia went for the cowgirl look for the cowboys vs. aliens theme. We had such a fun night. Giorgia just laughed at me the entire evening but it was great.
After dancing, we had late night Zick’s, Wake Forest’s favorite pizza shop.

We had Saturday brunch at Mary’s Gourmet Diner downtown with Joe. I had a delicious hot chocolate and eggs benedict. We did some homework for a bit and then bundled up for our home football game against FSU.
Giorgia must have been our good luck charm because we won (barely) but it was a nice win considering we lost last week. I also made it on the big screen 3x, probably because my bright pink rain coat really stood out.
The rain started coming down really hard and we decided it was best to snuggle up at home and watch the game. It was such a happy victory.

Sadly, Giorgia let Sunday morning leaving Wake a little less fun and a little less energetic. I will see her really soon when we both go home for Thanksgiving.

Thanks for coming George! I love you!


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