Wednesday, October 16, 2019

15 Things Men NEED to Know About Women

I started my very popular blog posts about college relationships last summer and you guys always want to hear more.
So, I decided to reverse the tables and this time us ladies (thank you friends!) want to tell the gentlemen what they need to know about our fabulous yet complex gender.

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1.     Open the door. Chivalry is not dead, and it is not anti-feminist to open the door for women.
2.     Take us out on dates.
3.     We like to be spoiled.
4.     We play games just like you do.
5.     Love your mothers because if you treat them right you will treat us right.
6.     Do not be afraid to say hi to us. We are just as nervous to say hi to you that you are to us.
7.     Do not be creepy and make comments that would make your sister or your mom uncomfortable if they heard what you said.
8.     If we are smiling at you, chances are we are interested, and you should come over and talk to us.
9.     Just because we are on a dating app does not mean we just want creepy or cheesy messages.
10.  No cat calling or groping.
11.  It does not make you sound more desirable when you talk about your past relationships.
12.  We want to feel special and unique.
13.  Make a decision, be decisive, and learn when to define the relationship and when not to.
14.  Do not talk to us consistently and flirt with us if you have a girlfriend.
15.  You should care about what you look like and put effort into your appearance.


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