Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Racism and Sexism on Wake Forest’s Campus

Every school has their issues.

Before you read this blog post, I just want to say that with all my heart, I love Wake Forest and I am so happy to go here.
I wake up every morning and am so thankful that I go to this beautiful and intelligent institution.
However, Wake, like any other school has some issues.

I normally would not discuss the issues on my campus on my blog, because they are sad and dark but I since I have grown up over the 4 plus years of having T&P, I am ready to uncover the not so pretty side of my life and of Wake Forest University.

I spent my whole English class on Tuesday, in Tribble Hall (as pictured behind me) discussing these issues and pushed aside our analysis of King Lear for the day, just to talk about these things.

This is a conversation we need to continue to have.

For starters there are the continuous and seriously problematic issues surrounding Greek life.
At the moment, two fraternities have some serious issues on campus: Sigma Chi (Machi) and Kappa Alpha Order (KA).

Machi has an annual event to raise money for their philanthropy, Brenner’s Children’s Hospital.
This weekly event is called Derby Days.
All throughout the week, each sorority competes against one another to raise money for Machi’s philanthropy.
One of the events we participate in is Air Bands, also known as a sexualized dance routine that fraternity brothers judge and watch for their enjoyment and pleasure to raise money for a children’s hospital… how appropriate.

An email from the chapter of Sigma Chi was leaked and the email contained horrifying statements about how the brothers of this fraternity wanted to rape and force themselves on sorority women.
This chapter is undergoing an investigation and Kappa Delta, as well as all the other sororities in the Panhellenic community are deciding if we would like to participate in Air Bands.

The other fraternity with issues is KA.
KA is known nationally for being a racist fraternity.
Schools in the south have been looked into recently and many have found yearbook photos with the Confederate flag or white men and women dressed in black face.
Unfortunately, Wake Forest’s Dean of Admissions, is in a yearbook from the 80’s standing in front of a Confederate Flag with the KA chapter.
A copy of this photo was then dropped from the 6thfloor of the library at the Dean’s List Gala as the President of our school was giving a welcoming and congratulatory speech to all that were in attendance, including parents.

The Dean did not resign, and the president of the school accepted her apology publicly via e-mail. 
This is just unfortunate, because our school talks all about being for diversity, but as my friend said in class, this just goes “against our Diversity pursuit.”
Wake Forest as a community, vows that we love diversity because we love the new ideas and new perspectives we can gain, but really, as an institution can we say that?

A girl in my English class said it perfectly, that these are issues that we do not see day to day but overtime we see these big issues and they affect us even more than just everyday nonsense.

I have no answers, and no solutions.
I am trying to grabble with these news events just like everyone else.

I would like to say that although I have some horrible opinions and feelings about these past events in the past couple of weeks, and that I do not support racism or sexism, as a whole I still love my school and would not want to be at any other university. 

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