Saturday, February 9, 2019

It’s Okay to Not Have a Plan

I am the queen of planning.
My planner has hour-by-hour schedules of my life.
Every weekend trip when I was abroad, was planned down to the detail, by yours truly.
But when I was abroad, I learned the importance of not always having a plan and going with the flow.

Right now, I do not have any definite plans for a lot of things.

I have no set plans for spring break.

I have no definite plans about what I’m doing and where I am living for senior year.

And I have no plan of what I am doing after college.
I have lots of ideas, but no concrete plans, for once in my life.

My goal for my whole life, as long as I can remember was to get into a great college, and now that I am in college, I don’t have another plan.

I want to go to law school, and always have, but I have no set plan of when I am going to take the LSAT, where I am going to go to law school and when.
And if I don’t go to law school directly after undergrad, I have no ideas about what I am going to do.
I am a bit clueless.

I may look put together, (a trench coat can be deceiving) but I am ultimately a bit confused and maybe a little lost.

As scary as it is for me to not have a real plan, and to not have every detail of my life figured out, I am accepting that it is okay.
I am just trying to go with the flow, and let life take me where ever I am supposed to go!

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