Friday, February 22, 2019

College and Balance

Every time I give a campus tour, I am always reminded about how much I love my school.
A big point I make on my tours is that going to college and going to Wake Forest, in particular, will help you learn how to become a well-rounded individual, not just an intelligent human. 
Being a good student and maturing into an adult is important as well but being a great person in all facets of life, is way more important.

After I give my tours I am always reminded of this and this semester I am trying to live what I preach! 

I have learned that to be a great college student but to also have SO MUCH FUN in college you need balance!

I have realized that taking 14.5 credit hours, or less, is the best way to do college.
I took 17 hours my first semester of freshman year and I hardly had any fun because I was stressed out most of the time. If you can take less credits each semester do it, because you will enjoy your college experience more because you will actually be able to go out and do things and explore other parts of campus, rather than just the library (as pictured above).

Take classes that you LOVE!
I am thoroughly enjoying my classes each and every day.
This adds to the fun part of college.
Interesting classes are fun.

College is about growing up, learning but also about having fun.
I look back to my first two years of college and realized that I focused too much on classes, grades and homework.
I didn’t dance as much as I should have or spent enough time with friends or laughed as much as I should of because I was too consumed in my work.
You learn and grow from all aspects of life, and that means you learn even when you are in a frat basement!

Last semester and this one, have been the most fun semesters of all, because I am balancing school and having fun! 
I am a bit regretful that I did not have more fun my first two years.

Words from the wise: you are not going to remember or care about the paper or test you did not do so well on one-time freshman year. You WILL remember the crazy adventures that you and your friends went on.

Experience all parts of college so you can become a well-rounded individual!

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