Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Maybe the Sunnies will Bring Back the SUN

I am talking all about sunnies today hoping that talking abut them will bring back the SUN and WARMTH to North Carolina!!!
Right now, Winston-Salem is getting walloped by Hurricane Irma. 
15 mph winds and lots and lots of rain!
Thankfully no one here is getting hurt and none of our houses are getting destroyed, like down in poor Florida and Texas.

Before college I wasn't a big sunglasses person, and then I started to realize North Carolina is very bright, very sunny and very hot most of the year, except this year because of the hurricane...
But normally, sunglasses are "required" for me to walk to and from class because it is so bright.

Warby Parker just announced their new Fall collection. I have to say, my favorites have to be: HadleyReillyPiperTilley, and Eastman!! If you’re not familiar with Warby Parker you should take a look online. They have some really cute statement sunglasses that I kinda want to add to my collection! But this collection got me thinking of my favorite pairs of sunglasses that I already own.

So as of last year I started wearing sunglasses more and adding more to my collection.

I think sunglasses are really fun accessory that adds to the outfit.
I have a whole drawer full of my sunglasses and every day before leaving my room to go to breakfast I grab a pair.
I get many compliments on my sunglasses as I walk from class to class because it is the first thing people usually see on me.
And during the winter, I get even more compliments because that is ALL that people see between classes because I am usually bundled up in a big coat (even though it never gets THAT cold down here) and boots.

The four pairs shown above are my favorites as of right now.
The first pair is from J Crew, the next is Quay, and the last two are Rayban.


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