Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bio Major??

I know that my parents and family will be very excited by reading this title- thinking that I am going to be a biology major now and become a doctor, but before everyone jumps to conclusions- let me explain...

I spent more time yesterday in the biology building than I ever have.
I went to my bio professors office hours in between chorus and French.
He didn't know my name, which is expected considering it's a pretty big lecture class.
He did recognize me though because he said apparently we make really good eye contact during class and he always notices me because of my good posture and that I'm not falling asleep....
A little creepy but nah because he reminds me of my grandfather.

So I introduced myself and I prefaced that I am not a bio major, but I am in this higher level bio class because a couple of friends recommended it to me, but rather a poli-sci and French double major at the moment... 
He responded by saying, "Well you're not a bio major yet!!" Key word: yet...

So we went over some questions I had and then I ran to French class after tending to my bio lab experiment- I had to water some radish plants.
And then after eating lunch at 3 pm after French, I made my way back to the bio building and pestered him with more questions.
My bio prof is really cool. He is like a REAL scientist. And I know he has to be, but like not really!
But this guy is legit! He studies on the Galápagos Islands every summer and does research! I think that's so cool!!!
And I think he is a great teacher. His classes are always very interesting and I really enjoy all the readings he recommends.

I think biology is very interesting!
But I don't think I'm going to be a bio major anytime soon...
So sorry Dad! Your dreams of me being a doctor are slim to none.

I can pretty much predict that I am definitely not going to be a biology major. But with that being said, I don't know what I want to major in anymore!!
I'm really confused!
I really enjoy politics and French. But I also LOVE English and communications.
My problem is that I have always been the kid to LOVE every subject!
Growing up, I could never pick my favorite subject in elementary school, because I didn't have just one! I loved them all.
I find that trend yet again here in college...
I would love to quadruple major if I could!! But I obviously can't.

So good thing I have an appointment with Academic Advising tomorrow to help me figure out my life or at least try to help me figure it out!!

For a confused college student I think I still pull together a pretty cute outfit!

sterling silver monogrammed pendant


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