Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day!


I know Labor Day is a day about taking a day off from our "labors" but Wake Forest University doesn't believe in Labor Day being a day off for students.
I celebrated Labor Day as best I could yesterday while being in class by sporting my gingham dress.
If gingham doesn't scream Labor Day and summer I don't know what does!
We got some stormy and cold weather last week from the hurricane and now it is sunny and hot again so I'm going to continue to hold on to the warmth for as long as I can!
I know I should be doing the opposite and start wearing darker colors and less summery items but it's still summer here in NC! And I am so glad I can continue to embrace the warm weather!

So yes on Labor Day I had class.
But like I said I made the most of it and sat outside to take these photos on the quad. I treated myself to working out AND going to bed at 10 pm.
So it was a good Labor Day for me despite the fact that I had three classes...

Have a great rest of the week!!


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