Thursday, September 14, 2017


I talked all about sunglasses the other day hoping that talking about them would bring out the sun and they did!!
The sun is out!!
Click HERE to see that blog post all about my favorite sunglasses!

Yesterday was the career fair.
I really wanted to wear my cute pineapple skirt to the fair but decided it was best if I threw on a boring black skirt and black shoes...
Sad and boring, but that is apparently what corporate America is: sad and boring!
The US Department of State had a table at the career fair, so I made a b-line for that table and called it a day.
It worked out well that I wore this outfit yesterday because I was able to make a quick change in the bathroom in between classes and the career fair!
It was super easy and very well planned out on my part.

J Crew gold tassel earrings

I have a very exciting weekend coming up!
This weekend is homecoming at Wake, but I will not be in attendance, because I have more exciting plans going on back up north! If you have been following my Instagram (@tallandpreppy) you may know that I am going to my first cousin's wedding on Saturday!
But before that: I am going to President's ball on Friday night!
I have two lace dresses from ASOS that I am going to be rocking both nights and I can't wait!
It is going to be a very busy yet very fun weekend!


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