Monday, June 5, 2017

Tourist in my own Home State

If you know me, you know I kinda hate looking like a tourist, let alone being one.
But this weekend I really embraced my inner tourist with these two lovely ladies.

I have seen a good amount of Manhattan but apparently not all of it, and Em, Caro and I discovered some more of it.
Our first stop of the day was to Grand Central Station.
Grand Central is an iconic landmark, that the city almost tore down.
The ceiling is beautiful and I would highly recommend going to visit it when you visit New York.
After gazing up at the masterpiece for a bit we took the 6 train all the way uptown to 77th street to visit the MET!
I don't really frequent the Met or Central Park very often, so it was very nice to visit.
I haven't been to the Met in years, thus I felt like a tourist.
We took the classic "Gossip Girl" pictures on the steps and then finally made our way inside the immense museum.
I forgot how big it is.
You could honestly spend days in it.
I mean, we couldn't find the exit...
By hour 2 of being in the museum we were getting a little hangry, Caro's feet were hurting pretty bad so it was time to leave. It took us a bit to find the exit, but once we did, we were on our way to Chop't. Chop't is a salad chain restaurant. 
It was pretty good!
We desperately needed some greens after the carbo load we had the past couple of days: bagels, pasta, bread, cake, pizza...

We then shuffled back down 5th Ave to Central Park.
I don't think Em quite grasped how big Central Park is.
I mean it's HUGE.
Acres and acres.
After taking more photos, of course, we found a sunny grassy spot and plopped down.
We basked in the sun for a while, took more photos, SHOCKER, and then caught the 5:18 train back home.
We ubered from Central Park to Penn Station, and it was really nice because Em and Caro were able to see Saint Patrick's Cathedral, the 5th Ave shops, Radio City Musical Hall and Times Square (again).

The fun didn't stop there...
Our train ended up being delayed, classic LIRR.
And then we grabbed some Mexican food and some fro-yo.

We were so tired from all the walking and, let's be honest, eating, that we took a hike at Sands Point Preserve yesterday, ate some pizza and then cuddled on the couch for the rest of the day!

Tour guide E is tired, but don't worry it's Em and Caro's turn next!!
Next stop: Boston!
Don't worry, Em, Caro and I are already planning our New York trip for next year! Stay tuned!!

My outfit:
J Crew white linen off the shoulder top
J Crew blue 3 inch printed shorts
American Eagle denim jacket
Ray ban pink mirrored aviators
Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in platinum
J Crew blue tassel earrings
Hermès clic-clack pink and gold bangle

Caro's outfit:
Bobbles and Lace off the shoulder printed romper
Ray ban folded tortoise shell Wayfarers
Jack Rogers Hampton sandals in gold

Em's outfit:
Target white t-shirt
Marshall's dark gray shorts
Levi's denim jacket
Vans light gray tie sneakers


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