Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Cleanse in Marco

I'm back!
Sorry, if you missed me, but I was doing a little bit of a technology cleanse down in Florida.
But not really, because I was posting lots of Insta stories, photos on my Instagram (@tallandpreppy) and spending lots of time on FaceTime.
But now I am back in my home state and am ready to start blogging again!

I went to Florida with my two very best friends, Michelle and Giorgia. 
I have been saying we would go down to Marco for years now, and then one day, recently, I said let's just do it!
In the past, when we said we wanted to go, we could never pick a time where we were all not busy, but we found a short span where we all weren't working and with cheap air fares, and we booked our trip!
We flew my favorite airline, JetBlue, down to the sunshine state.
Except Florida didn't really live up to it's name like it was supposed to.
It rained two and a half days out of the four days we were there. 
So that was pleasant.
The wifi or cable wasn't working and there was serious flooding for the first couple of days. So we were stuck playing many games of monopoly, doing various difficult puzzles and baking lots of sweet treats.
I have to say, I actually thoroughly enjoyed not having wifi or cable. It was fun to play games and just be silly.
And it was more of a technology cleanse than I thought I was gonna have.

In between the rain we would go for a little walk down to the water and stick our toes in the 75 degree Gulf.
And then when it finally stopped raining, we made our way down to the beach with our lunches and basked in the sun for hours.
Every night we cooked ourselves dinner and ate our various delicious desserts!
After dinner we would all curl up on the couch and watch our new favorite tv show- Jane the Virgin.

The one night we went out to dinner, we Ubered over to the Esplanade for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Mango's, and left kind of disappointed. 
It wasn't very good and was a bit overpriced. 
I have been going there for years and have never been disappointed, but this time I really was.
So, I don't think I will be going back there anytime soon...
And the photos above are some from our trip to Mango's.

My mom called me one day while we were on the trip and asked how we were all doing, and asked if we had run out of things to talk about.
I told my mom, nope, surprisingly not, and I said they are my best friends, so of course I have endless things to talk to them about.
We didn't stop laughing the whole trip.
Michelle and Giorgia know me the best out of any two and it was just the best vacation!
Round two next year?? Yes please!

Joe Fresh orange basic tank top
J Crew white linen embroidered shorts
Vince Camuto nude studded sandals
Cole Haan blue color blocked bag
Ray Ban pink mirrored aviators 

LOTS of more photos and videos of our amazing trip are up on my Insta, @tallandpreppy!


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