Wednesday, June 28, 2017

So Funny Story...

I have two funny stories to share with you today!
They both happened on Saturday.

I went to Old Westbury Gardens, a favorite spot of mine, for a little photo shoot Saturday afternoon.
There is a big sign at the entrance that says,"no photo shoots and no outfit changes..." Well, I was a bit rebellious and broke both of those rules.
And maybe it would have been better if I changed in the bathroom, but that was too far away from where my photographer and I were shooting!
So I did what I could and found a bush or a high wall and quickly changed.

I had one pretty close call...
I was completely topless and I could hear a family walking towards me...
Thankfully, my mom was on look out and hollered at me to hurry up, and I quickly threw on my next dress.
Shout out to all my years of being in the theater department with my super quick changes, all that experience really helped me in this situation.

And then there is the next story.
It wasn't funny at the time, but now it's hysterical.
And it actually happened when I was wearing my new pretty dress.
I picked up my friend Marykate for dinner at around 6:45 ish.
We parked in a parking lot down the road from the restaurant because it was free parking and it also meant I didn't have to parallel park on the street, because let's be real, I haven't parallel parked since my road test which was over a year ago...
So we walked into the restaurant, picked a nice shady table outside facing the street and ordered our dinner.
We were in the middle of conversation when all of a sudden I see a tow truck coming down the street and a car on the back of it with University of Kentucky and Wake Forest University stickers on the back. I thought, wow that's funny, that looks very familiar to my car....
So then I follow the car with my eyes and see the front license plate, dented.
That was my car!
I knew it was my car because I hit a tree stump and the front license plate got dented...
So by this point I was freaking out.
I was in shock and didn't know what to do.
I thought oh my gosh my parents are going to kill me, they are never going to let me drive the car again, I am going to be grounded for life, omg.
And then I thought, hmm maybe I don't have to tell them.
But these were all thoughts in my head and I really didn't know what to do.
I thought about calling my parents and telling them, but decided against that idea, and instead called my sister and brother-in-law.
They calmed me down and told me it would be okay.
My sister told me to go walk to the parking lot and find the name of the towing company.
I told her, sorry, I can't do that, my pasta just came.
And let's be honest, I really wanted to enjoy my pasta.
Which I ended up not really enjoying because I was so upset.
So instead, my brother-in-law called and found the company that towed my car and asked how much it would be to pick it up and when I could get it.
$282 and Sunday morning at 8 am.
After I heard that news, I was like crap, I obviously don't have that kind of money on me and I have to tell my parents.
I was so nervous to tell my parents but came to the conclusion that it would be okay.
I knew that they wouldn't yell at me or ground me because it was just a silly mistake.
No one got hurt, I wasn't in a car accident and the car didn't get stolen.
I would probably just have to pay for the towing myself.
Marykate called her mom to come pick us up, and then I anxiously waited to get home and tell my parents.
I knew I would tell them in a joking manner, as I normally do, and try to laugh about it. 
So I walked in the front door, they were sitting outside on the patio drinking (thankfully).
I walked outside, immediately, they asked how dinner was, I choked out, "It wasn't that good because I got the car towed..."
My mom just kind of laughed in shock, my dad started shaking his head, and then I was like crap, they're upset.
Some tears started to fall down on my face and then they told me it was okay, it wasn't that big of a deal.
My dad said, "The only thing that would have made this worse is if you saw the car on the tow truck..."
But oh I did... And then I told them the whole story.
We all laughed.
It was a great relief that my parents weren't upset.
I was more upset at myself because I had to pay $300 to get my car back.....
Very aggravating but it happens.
So much for the "free" parking spot...
So far that has been the most expensive lesson I have learned.

So WARNING to everyone!

And good thing I was wearing a light, easily breathable dress because I was sweating my brains out when I had to tell my parents that the car got towed....
I bought this dress from ZARA for work.
I bought a lot of dresses from ZARA actually, but I had to return pretty much all of them because they were too short!!!
Their fit models obviously aren't very tall so I had difficulty finding dresses from them that weren't up my butt...
I was disappointed by ZARA, so I guess I just kinda have to stick to J Crew!

Vince Camuto studded sandals 


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