Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Biggest Fear

I am 18 going on 5.
I had two doctor appointments yesterday and I cried at both appointments.
I am not proud that I cried but it happened and I'm over it.
I am not a very anxious, stressed or nervous person in general but when it comes to doctors visits I seem like a little child.
It's embarrassing really.
My blood pressure goes through the roof, my palms start sweating, my eyes well up with tears and I get all choked up.
I have white coat syndrome.
I know it sounds ridiculous, I am 18, almost 19, and I cry just about every time I go to the doctor.
I'm kinda pathetic. 

And let me give you some background information; I have never had surgery, I have a very clean bill of health and I have never even been to the ER before.
So honestly, there is no reason for me to get so anxious about visiting the doctor's office.
But for some crazy reason, that I don't know, I HATE the doctor.

So because I had two doctor appointments yesterday, I was just filled with anxiety and stress all day.
And finally at the end of the day I just broke down.
I was exhausted.
Mentally, exhausted.
Too much prodding and poking. 

I make this sound so dramatic, but I really had a rough day yesterday.
Lesson learned- max one doctor appointment a day, unless really necessary.

I put on a super cute outfit that I felt comfortable in, to wear to my appointments. 
I felt fine while taking these photos but then 3 minutes later when I got in the car to go to the doctor's office the real anxiety started to set in.
So you guys lucked out and missed seeing my splotchy face and messed up makeup!

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