Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Yesterday my family and I celebrated Father's Day with our annual Father's Day celebration/Jack's Birthday Party.
It was a really nice day.
The day started out with my dad opening his presents, which consisted of a lot wine and funny cards.
My dad also brought out some Father's Day cards that Peter and I made when we were little. 
My penmanship was pretty good back in the day, if I do say so myself!
And what an artist I was... not really.
After some reminiscing I joined my father outside for some daddy-daughter time, which consisted of reading our books on the patio in the shade.
It was very humid yesterday but that didn't stop us from taking in the nice weather.
We continued taking in the nice weather when we went over to my sister's house for the family function!
It was fun as always.
We played my favorite game of RUNNING BASES!
If you read my blog post on Memorial Day weekend, we didn't get to play because of the weather, and I was so disappointed. 
(Read that blog post HERE)
And my brother and nephews almost tried to get out of playing it again this time because of the "weather," but it wasn't raining or snowing or anything!
It was just hot!
And they were being dramatic.
I told them that I live in North Carolina, and this heat/humidity in NY is nothing!!
So I got what I wanted, as per usual, and we played.
I came in second place and I showed everyone how much better I have gotten over the years of throwing a tennis ball...
So HA!

I knew going into the party that I wanted to play running bases, thus I knew I needed to wear an outfit appropriate for my favorite game! 
I wanted to wear a dress but at the same time I knew I was going to be running around, so I settled on shorts. But I wear shorts around to run errands so I wanted to be a little more dressed up, so I decided on a romper.
Perfect combination of a dress and shorts!

Shout out to Luchie for my "outfit pics" <3.
I think most dad's are very difficult when it comes to taking pictures, as in they NEVER want to be in them!
I know it's a Father's Day post but there is no pictures of my dad!
Don't worry there are pictures of us on my insta! (@tallandpreppy)

J Crew navy blue printed romper (similar)
purple tassel necklace (similar)


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