Monday, January 3, 2022

2021 Bucket List Roundup and 2022 Bucket List

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Happy new year!

Last year I made a bucket list of all the things I wanted to do and see in 2021 after a very disappointing 2020. Let’s see which bucket list items I completed in 2021 and which ones I want to complete this year!


2021 Bucket List Roundup:


          Get the vaccine

          Dance at a club or bar

          Have a graduation ceremony and get to go back to Wake

          See my friends and hug them

          Have boozy brunch with friends

          Attend a Broadway show

          Go to a Mets game 

          Visit the museum of ICE CREAM

          Get a legal summer internship 

          Spend time in Florida 

          Visit friends in DC 

          Meet more blogger friends 

          Go to our friend’s wedding in December and NYE in TN

          Visit the Statue of Liberty

          Spend a day on Governor’s Island

          Visit The Edge

          See Vanderbilt’s Sunken Gardens 

          Go to Wake alumni events 

          Visit the MOMA

          Go for a wine tasting at a winery 

          Have a Picnic

          Go to the beach

          Visit the Hamptons 

          Take a trip to Chicago 

          Visit Time Out Market, Brooklyn 

          See a comedy show 

          Eat at Chelsea Market


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2022 Bucket List:

1.          Visit the US Open

2.          Go to a karaoke bar

3.          Watch a movie in Bryant Park during the summer

4.          Visit The Boardy Barn 

5.          Dress up at Belmont

6.          Attend Santa Con in December

7.          Get a donut at the Krispy Kreme in Times Square

8.          Attend a Drag Queen show

9.          Go to Wake’s Homecoming 

10.       Visit the Museum of Illusions

11.       Hike upstate NY

12.       T&P Goals: Hit 10k Instagram followers, 2.5K Pinterest followers, 5k LTK followers and double my income from last year

13.       Visit the Frick Collection

14.       See the Transit Museum

15.       Go to Smorgasborg 

16.       Have a snack at Maman

17.       Visit Fire Island 

18.       Go salsa dancing

19.       Have a Kentucky Derby watch party

20.       Visit Montauk

21.       Visit college friends

22.       Host a murder mystery party

23.       Visit the lavender fields on Long Island 

24.       Watch the sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge

25.       Go on a drive-through food date

26.       Walk from top of Manhattan to bottom 

27.       Visit Uncommon, a board game bar

28.       Have a wine tasting at Chelsea market 

29.       Go for Tea at the plaza 

30.       Go to the opera

31.       Visit Boston during the fall

32.       Picnic on Governor’s Island

33.       Go on a dessert tour of NYC 

34.       Take a double decker tour bus around Manhattan for fun

35.       Spend time in Florida

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