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Favorite Things to do in NYC During the Summer

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In the summer, NYC is pretty quiet, especially this summer. People travel, they go out to the Hamptons and this year, some haven’t moved back to the city yet. But I’m loving the city right now.

Here is a list of my favorite things to do in New York City during the summer:


1.          Explore the city on CitiBike- this is a fun way to get around New York and it costs the same as a subway ride.

2.          Picnic- my favorite picnic spots are Governor’s Island, Central Park (either Sheep Meadow with friends or a little secluded spot literally anywhere in the park for a romantic date) and Stuytown Oval.

3.          Eat out- this is a no brainer! I’m not a huge brunch person, but Tara Rose or Poco is great for bottomless brunch with friends. For dinner: my favorite restaurants are Becco, Giano, Cacio e Vino, Boucherie, and Tito Murphys.

4.          Find a friend who has a rooftop and party with them!

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5.          Go to Museums- this is a great activity when the weather is too hot to do anything else. I love the Met, the MoMA, and the Museum of Natural History. This past weekend we went to the Museum of Ice Cream. It was less a museum and more of an Instagram photo trap. I was really hoping I could learn about the history of ice cream because it is my favorite sweet treat, so I left disappointed. We did get to try different ice cream flavors. I would not recommend it though.

6.          Walk the Brooklyn Bridge- A great way to see the East River and the sights. It is an iconic spot in New York, and I highly recommend doing this!

7.          Enjoy a late-night Comedy Club- we love Comedy Cellar in the West Village. We went two weeks ago, and the comedians were hysterical. Lots of famous comedians (think Chris Rock, Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, etc.) have come through Comedy Cellar.

8.          Dance- Go to a club/bar and dance your booty off! The clubs are a little less crowded now that it’s summertime, so go get your groove on. My favorites are Bowery Electric and Whiskey Town.


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