Monday, January 17, 2022

Finding Happiness at Law School

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This fall semester I was probably the most unhappy I have ever been in school (maybe 4th grade Elizabeth when she was bullied, would think differently). That’s hard for me to say because I generally love school.


If I’m writing this blog post, I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way. 


My professor in one of my classes told me that you can be happy in law school. He also said that generally the law profession can be unhappy, but you can find happiness if you do something you enjoy and not make your whole life focused around your career.


I’m glad he said that because now I don’t feel so alone in my feelings. I am also taking his advice and living outside of the law profession. 

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Why I was unhappy:

As I’m sure you know by now, from my previous posts, law school is a lot of work. The second year of law school is no joke. The first year they scare you to death, the second year they work you to death and the third year they bore you to death.


Generally, law school is a bully, as is the bar exam. There is so much conforming that each law student has to follow to become an attorney. It is exhausting. 


Last semester I worked long hours every day. I really felt like the work was killing me. I was mentally exhausted. I had 15 weeks straight of school without any days off. I was in 15 credit hours and working at my externship for 15 hours a week. It was my first semester on a journal. It was also my first semester where I got to pick some of my classes. I was also a TA. I did homework seven days a week.


Sadly, I felt law school wasn’t fun nor exciting anymore, and it just felt like a chore. Most mornings I woke up and did not look forward to my day.

I didn’t see my friends at all, and I spent a ton of time alone at the library or working at my desk in my room.

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How I found happiness:

The only way I got through law school last semester was by planning fun things to do on the weekends. I am still doing that this semester. I also have a new job which I am really excited about which gives me something to look forward to. This semester I am also going to have days off (like today and then spring break)!


I also took it day by day last semester. Every day was different. I made sure to take some “me time” every day and watch some tv before bed. 


I also talked to my friends who are not in law school a lot, as they gave me different perspectives. I complained to them a lot, and they were always encouraging. They reminded me that law school is a means to an end. And it will end soon. 


After last semester, I really enjoyed my winter break. I didn’t work a retail job, like I normally do, I just sat on the couch and watched tv for weeks on end. It was such a relaxing break. I felt so relaxed, I was bored. 


Moral of the story:

Make something that you don’t like into something you do. Look for the small happy things throughout your day. Do something you like every day (for me: blogging, taking pictures, posting to Instagram, planning out outfits, watching tv). 


Remember, it will come to an end.


I hope that if you are struggling like I was last semester with finding happiness, that you find it, because life is too short to not enjoy it a little bit each day. 

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