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Long Island Vineyards on the North Fork

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Happy Labor Day weekend!

My friend Emily was visiting this weekend, so we decided to do something new and different and head out to the North Fork of Long Island and have some wine.

Long Island is 100+ miles long and has everything: beaches, vineyards, hiking, shopping, and an easy commute to the city. At the end of Long Island, it splits into the North Fork and the South Fork. The North Fork is where we went. It is very rural with lots of farms and vineyards. It looks towards Connecticut and the Long Island Sound. The South Fork is home to the Hamptons and Montauk on the Atlantic Ocean.

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We went to the Lieb Cellars first as per recommendation from my friend Jennifer (@beautyloveandgrub).

It is a cute little vineyard with a patio in a residential neighborhood. 

We sat on the patio and ate some cheese, crackers and sipped on our wine flights. I had the red flight; red is my favorite! The red blend was the best wine in my opinion. 

For four people, each with a $20 flight and snacks, it was about $35 a person including tip.

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I definitely would make reservations for the vineyards and designate a responsible sober driver. (Thanks Alex!)

north fork, long island, vineyard, wine tasting

north fork, long island, wine, wine tasting, boyfriend, couple photos

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7 min away was Rose Hill Vineyard.

This one was more aesthetically pleasing. This one gave me more Hampton’s vibes, also with the Hampton’s price tag.

Unlike the first vineyard, you sit facing the grapes either in the grass at picnic tables or on this beautiful, covered patio with ivy crawling up the walls.

We all had the white flight for $24. The red flight was $28, not sure why.

We also had North Fork chips and hummus.

This spot was very pretty, and I would definitely go back.

Long island vineyard, wine tasting, wine, north fork

white wine, wine flight, long island, vineyard

It was a lovely day out East, and I would love to go back and explore some more vineyards soon!

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