Monday, March 22, 2021

My First Legal Internship

Surprise! I got a job!

I accepted my job on February 9th, after the Public Interest Fair.


I applied to roughly 45 jobs, and I only interviewed for one, and that is the job I was offered and the one I accepted for this summer.

I got really lucky, and I feel very blessed that I was able to get an internship so quickly and with such ease. I know that most of my friends did not have such an easy time.


I wanted to wait until most of my friends got jobs and got things settled before I announced mine.

Let me tell you about the interview.

If you follow me on Instagram (@tallandpreppy, if you’re not, you are seriously missing out on my funny stories and jokes and wonderful IRL personality, but that’s on you) then you saw the day I went to the virtual Public Interest Fair and had my interview. You saw me sweat and be nervous and then you got to hear all about my interview!

If you missed it, here is a bit of a synopsis of what happened.


The first thing she asked me was about my blog! I talked about how it has become a business and how I work with brands. I talked about how much planning and coordination and organization it takes. She completely understood because surprise: she also has a blog.

She asked me about my experience at Wake being an English and French double major. I told her about my favorite class that I took at Wake called “Investigating Innocence.” It was a journalism class that worked with Wake Forest School of Law on a murder case through the Innocence and Justice Clinic. We had hands on experience and learned about the importance of telling a story from a legal perspective but also a journalistic perspective. I actually wrote my personal statement for my law school applications about this class. Surprise- my interviewer and now boss, was also an English major.

She asked me about Girl Scouts, because I have it listed at the bottom of my resume for interests. I told her about my experience of being on a Girl Scout cookie box for 8 years and how it was one of the best organizations I could have joined. I told her about my mom’s connection to Girl Scouts as well. And surprise- she is a lifetime Girl Scout and her daughter’s troop leader.


Oh, and it gets weirder- She asked me to pick something on my resume that I wanted to tell her about. So, I picked my French major and I told her about my study abroad experience in Dijon, France. If you guessed that my interviewer studied abroad in France, you would be correct… Yup, another similarity! How funny and crazy is that. We laughed about her study abroad experience in Paris surrounded by Americans and Parisians who spoke English, as opposed to mine, where I was in a small city where hardly anyone spoke English.


Less than a week later, she emailed me and offered me a position.

I accepted a day later.


Here is what I will be wearing to my job this summer, even if it is remote (heels included). You can use my promo code: SARAHFLINT-BAELIZABETHG for $50 off.


So here is proof that interviews should be conversations! My interviewer/boss clearly looked at my resume before our interview, saw I was qualified (as qualified as I can be for a 1L) and set up an interview with me to have a conversation and to get to know me better. The best interviews, I have been told, and have now experienced, are when you are having a conversation, and it is not a question-and-answer session.


I think if you have similarities with your interviewer and you can prove that you will be friends, there is an even higher chance that you will do well in the interview and maybe even get the job.


I know the job market/interview market is tough right now but hang in there and remember to tell your interviewer what makes you UNIQUE!

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