Monday, August 31, 2020

6 Tips for Long-distance Relationships and How I’m doing it in Law School

I’m sure you were all hoping that I would just be talking about my boyfriend, but I’m not.
I’m going to talk about all my long-distance relationships and how I keep up with my very busy friends.

Before I applied to law school, I went to a panel to hear from Wake Law students about what it was like to be a law student.
I remember one girl specifically saying, “don’t be in a long-distance relationship.”
I thought crap.
My mind immediately shot to my boyfriend but also to my best friends that I had made at Wake.

But here I am! Four weeks into law school, and I’m hanging in there!

So, I’m here to tell you that it is not easy being in a long-distance relationship with anyone!
Romantically, I’ve done it for every relationship I’ve ever been in…It’s tough. I have definitely wanted to throw in the towel, more than once. But I sucked it up and used these tips to help me along the way. Long-distance is totally doable, if you want to do it!

Here are my three tips for romantic long-distance relationships:

1.          My recommendation to any couple is to know your love languages. Here is a free quiz you can take to help you determine how you feel loved, or your love languages. For me, my love languages are physical touch and quality time. But my boyfriend’s love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch. By knowing this, my boyfriend and I were able to set up a plan to make long distance easier. I ask that he call me for a quick five minutes before bed every night, which helps fulfill my need for quality time. I fulfill his need for words of affirmation by texting him sweet messages throughout the day.
2.          Set up a time to talk/FaceTime or set up a time for virtual dates every week. Long-distance takes organization. So, get organized and plan things out in advance!
3.          Make trips to see each other. When we’re together, we try to plan our next trip to see each other so we have something to look toward to. 

I hate long distance. It is really hard for me. But I have to say, it does get easier after a while because you get into a routine.

I feel like it’s harder to do long-distance with friends, because everyone is on different schedules and you’re all running around in different directions. Most of my friends are working full-time jobs now, and I am a full-time law student.
The people that want to stay friends with you, will take the time and will make an effort to stay friends.
I haven’t seen most of my friends since before spring break in March. It’s been a long time without their hugs, and I miss them all dearly.

Here are my three tips for long-distance relationships with friends: 

4.          Text and call your friends! Sending a quick text is stupid easy and takes no time. You can literally do it with your voice, “hey Siri.”
5.          Plan out a weekly time to talk! I drive to school, so I have free time before and after class when I’m in the car. So, I call my little, Lauren, every Wednesday on my drive home from class and I call Joe every Friday during his lunch when I drive to school. Kate usually calls me on her drive home from work.
6.          Plan trips to see your friends! I am trying to plan a trip this winter to see Kate. This spring I am also planning on going to North Carolina to see Joe and my friends from school. I also plan on making a trip out to Seattle to see Zoe soon!

Hope these tips helped and remember that long distance is possible, even if it’s painful!

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