Saturday, August 8, 2020

My Sad 22nd Birthday

This was probably the most disappointing birthday I’ve ever had.
On Tuesday, August 4th, I celebrated my 22nd birthday.

I am a twin, so every year, we celebrate together, but this year we were in different states. This is one of the only years we haven’t been together for our birthday. I was partially sad about that.

I then was sad because all of my birthday plans got canceled due to the tropical storm that swept the northeast.
We were supposed to go to the sunflower field on the North Fork and have lobster rolls for lunch and do a wine tasting on the drive home. For dinner, we were supposed to go to Kyma Roslyn.
None of that happened.
We lost power mid-day Tuesday. We didn’t have internet, and we had limited cell phone service. Luckily, we have a full house generator, that was installed after Hurricane Sandy, so we had lights and air conditioning.
We just had a relaxed day at home. My mom and I spent the whole day redecorating my room after we got the floors refinished. A new blog post with all my room details will be up soon.

It was just a sad and disappointing day, just like this whole year has been. Add this tropical storm and my canceled birthday to the list of disappointments for this year. But crap happens!

The positives of my birthday were that I had a lot of sweet messages from family and friends. My boyfriend, Alex, flew in the night before. I finished decorating my room! And we ate delicious chocolate mousse cake Tuesday night with my parents!

Last night my boyfriend took me out to dinner to Gatsby’s Landing to try to make up for my birthday.  It was really nice. My parents are planning a make up birthday dinner next week too, and a family party.

I love this dress from Bohocherra that I was gifted. You can buy my dress here and use the promo code: Elizabeth10 for 10% off!


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