Thursday, April 2, 2020

Senior Year of College Canceled

My physical time at Wake Forest University has been cut short due to the Corona Virus.

I have complied a list of all the things I do not get to complete or get to do because I only had 3.75 years at Wake.

I will not get to…

Go to KD formal and wear a long, beautiful dress, like I have dreamed about for a year. 
Finish my collaboration as a campus rep for Rent the Runway.
Go to informal. The theme was supposed to be “TV with KD.” I was going to go as a Bachelor contestant and wear a long, sparkly, dress.
Go to my favorite event at Wake, Shag on the Mag, for the last time. (The dress in these pictures was supposed to be my Shag on the Mag dress. I rented it from Rent the Runway. You can use my PROMO CODE: RTRWAKEFOREST25 for 25% off your order).
Go to Senior Send Off at the baseball stadium and watch the fireworks.
Spend my last Thursday night at our favorite college bar, Last Resort
Have picnics on the quad in the spring.
Have sunset walks through Reynolda gardens.
Spend my mornings and late nights in the ZSR.
Have dinner at the Pit anymore.
Walk past Wait Chapel anymore.
See my roommates every morning and night.
Sit in a college classroom anymore. 
Go to senior week at Myrtle Beach.
Take graduation photos on the quad with Zoe and all my other friends. We have been thinking and talking about these photos since the class of 2019 graduated. (These photos above will be my substitute graduation photos until I can return to campus. We took these on my last day in WS before returning home a week ago.)
Add any more photos to the staircase in our suite.
Go to our weekly sorority chapter meetings.
Talk to my professors in their offices during office hours.
Take sunny walks around campus or cold ones.
Give campus tours on Friday afternoons.
Spend my nights sleeping in a twin XL.
Go to my last frat party.
Wear my “KD Senior” shirt anymore, because I guess I’m not a senior anymore.
Throw more amazing themed parties and pregames in my suite or at the track house.
Go to anymore Girl Scout events on campus.
Take any more blog pictures between classes on campus.
Take any more Pilates or spin classes or Body Pump classes at the gym.
Go to French trivia on campus.
Smile or say hello to friends as I walk across the quad (and stare at the pretty athletes).
Eat my favorite Benson salad.
Explore Winston-Salem and eat at all the restaurants that are on my list.
Walk to Collins every Wednesday Night for Catholic Community dinner
Attend the spring dance company show.
Go to the murder mystery dinner.
Have KD senior pass-downs.
Have lunch dates with friends.
Go to my last Wake ‘n Shake.
Go to weekly mass on campus in Davis Chapel.
Dance in the Panhellenic dance competition.
Go to trivia nights downtown.
Celebrate St. Patty’s Day on campus.
Visit Quarry Park or Salem Lake.
Spend my last night as a college senior in my dorm room.
Have a graduate panel for Phi Alpha Delta.
Eat anymore Pod sushi.
Go to a senior alumni dinner.
Attend “Words Awake.”
Spend Easter weekend in Florida.
Have my last meeting as President of Phi Alpha Delta.
Have my two last chorus concerts. Kenny G was supposed to perform at one of them for our Pops Concert.
Have a LDOC celebration with my friends.
Eat s’mores outside of the KD lounge.
Take pictures on the quad.
Complete my French business certification.
See Into the Woods on campus.
Celebrate and welcome accepted students on to campus on Accepted Students Day.
Tour the underground tunnels of Wake and visit the bell tower.
Celebrate my commencement at a department party.
Eat Village Juice Salads.
Visit Old Salem with Joe.
Have a pool day with my friends.
Live in North Carolina as a student at Wake Forest for another day or night.

My second part of my second semester of senior year was supposed to be amazing, and the “most fun part of the year.” 
I had taken my LSAT, sent in all my applications and was going on a super fun spring break trip with 10 of my friends.
I was supposed to return from spring break relaxed and ready to continue the fun.

I feel like my senior year was taken away from me.
I didn’t get any lasts. I didn’t get any closure. I am missing major life milestones.

Fortunately, I will get to graduate.
May 18th, I will graduate with my laptop in my house on Long Island, surrounded by my family, probably in my cap and gown, during our virtual ceremony.

But I will get to say goodbye to my friends and my professors when I walk across the stage on the quad at a later date, to be announced. Hopefully this summer.

I am thankful that Wake did not throw in the towel like just about every other school and is giving us a proper graduation. I am also thankful that Wake did not completely cancel school when the Corona Virus started to spread. I am thankful that Wake was hopeful and optimistic.

Through this experience, I have learned that I need to live everyday like it is the last. Future and current college students, my words of advice for you is to LIVE! Go do fun things with your friends every week. DONT wait to do it.

Although, I am devastated to not be on campus right now, I accept this new challenge that the world has thrown in front of me.
Did you read that long list of things I still want to do and see? Well, I am going to do them all!
Challenge accepted. 
Now I have a list of things I have to do when I return to Wake every year for homecoming.


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