Wednesday, April 10, 2019

“Yes Woman”

I am a “Yes Woman,” just like the movie “Yes Man.”
I have a hard time saying no.

Saying “yes” to doing things I want to do and saying “yes” to helping a friend out and saying “yes” to an amazing opportunity, are all great.
Just because I say “yes,” does not mean that I mean “yes” with enthusiasm, sometimes I say “yes” because it is easier than saying “no.”

The reasons I say “yes:”
I do not like to disappoint people.
I have a fear of missing out, if I say no to something.
I have a fear that someone will not like me anymore if I tell them no.
I do not like to create drama, so I just say yes.

Sometimes it feels easier to say “yes,” but it is not worth it.

The result of always saying "yes:" I stretch myself thin, I do not end up enjoying myself, I get stressed out and I end up feeling used.

Make the vow with me to stop being a “Yes Woman,” and just do the things that we are passionate about and only say “yes” to the things that bring us joy!

Say “yes” to culottes and bandanas! And say "yes" and YAY to the tent that is being set up in the background for SHAG ON THE MAG!


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