Tuesday, February 4, 2020

College Relationships Part 4: 3 Types of College Relationships at Wake Forest University

Every year, usually around Valentine’s Day, in the spirit of love, I share some enlightening information about college relationships. These definitions are all based on my own personal experiences and observations of being a student at Wake Forest University. Consider this your dating dictionary.
I have come to discover that there are three types of college relationships at Wake.

1.          Hookup
I’m talking about one-night stands. You meet at a party and go home together. It is usually a one- night thing, where you say “see you later” but it can turn into a consistent weekly hookup.

2.          Dating or a “thing”
You meet someone in class or at a party and you go on dates and go out to dinner and etc. The relationship is not defined. You flirt and text and have fun without the commitment. Dating can become an exclusive or long-term relationship.

3.          Exclusive or long-term
This comes usually after dating, where there is a conversation and the relationship is defined. You are in an exclusive, monogamous relationship and you are labeled as boyfriend and girlfriend.

I hope these definitions help with the complicated dating world at Wake Forest. 

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