Monday, June 4, 2018

Surprise MOM!

J Crew periwinkle knit dress | J Crew white cardigan | DSW strappy nude heels | Kate Spade rose gold rose earrings


Ha Mom! We got you!
After a very elaborate lie my father set up; that my parents were going to meet some clients before going to a wedding, we seriously surprised my mom!
After a month of secrecy, my family and I were able to shock my mom so much that she cried all night.

On Saturday night, my family and I all arrived at 6pm to the restaurant where my parents would be meeting my father’s “clients,” and my parents rolled in at 6:30 ready to be surprised.
The look on my mother’s face was priceless.
She was in such shock it was so funny.
She also felt so loved and happy that she had been thrown a surprise party for her 30+ birthday!

It was a great success and I have to say all of my date function planning from the past year, click HERE and HERE to read more about my role, was a big help!

So, surprise mom!!
Love you!


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