Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Day at the Office with Me: Public Relations and Social Media Intern

J Crew high neck ruffle blouse (I've literally had this shirt since the 9th grade) | J Crew Factory navy blue pleated skirt (I've had this since high school) | Tory Burch double pearl earrings | Tory Burch Reva cheetah ballet flats

Every day at my internship is different and exciting! However, I do try to keep a somewhat rough schedule throughout the day to stay organized and to be the most productive.
Here is a rough breakdown of what a typical day at work looks like for me!

6:30 am: I wake up, do my skin care routine, get dressed and make my bed.
I plan out my outfits for the week on Sundays so I am not stressed trying to pick out outfits in the morning! I have done this kind of outfit planning since middle school. If you do not already do this, and plan your outfits out ahead, you SHOULD! It makes my mornings so easy!
For work, I dress professionally but more on the side of casual professional. I am working for a PR firm and we handle a lot of clients in the fashion business so I don't shy away from color and pattern! I also try not to wear a lot of black, despite working in NYC, and the corporate world, where everyone is always in black. Black is so boring! Wear some COLOR!
You can wear color and still look professional! 
After getting dressed and accessorized, I check my emails to see if there is anything urgent that I have to attend to.

7:15 am: I drive my dad to the train.

7:30 am: I cook breakfast which is usually egg whites with a full glass of water and a cup of orange juice. I also usually have plain Greek yogurt that I throw some blueberries or other fresh fruit. While eating breakfast I catch up with Instagram and I usually post an Instagram story. I also try to read the news headlines on my phone.

8:00 am: I put my makeup on, fix my hair and sit down at my desk and edit photos, or edit a blog post and get organized.

8:30 am: I go to the train and begin writing blog posts on my phone in the notes section. It’s kind of funny, but it is the only downtime I have now that I am working! The train ride is quiet and gives me plenty of time to write my ideas down and figure out how I’m going to execute them. I am also such a morning person that writing early in the morning is the time that I am most energized and productive! (I even drafted this post on the train!)

9:30 am: I get to work, turn on my computer, and get ready for the day!

10:00 am: I check all my emails and my boss’ calendar. I make sure my boss has everything set for the day with detailed addresses of where she has to go for meetings and if she has any other appointments for the day. In the early morning, I also check our client’s social media accounts and make sure they are looking good and convening the messages they need to. If they are not where they should be, I tell my boss in the early morning after she gets into the office.

10:15 am: My boss comes in and we talk about what’s going on for the day. My one co-worker makes a to-do list and my boss delegates jobs to us. I am usually put in charge of writing press releases for various clients or sending out mass emails.

11:00 am: I continue to check emails, send out emails, and tell my boss about the social media accounts. I then usually start on my big project for the day. The other day, I wrote a press release about summertime in NYC and spent all day working on it.

12:30 pm: We have a working lunch. I always bring lunch, (that my mom makes me ;)). It is usually a salad with different toppings each day. I love bringing lunch to work because it is so much healthier and cheaper. At lunch time is usually when I take 5-10 minutes and check my personal emails and blog emails, as well as my social media accounts.

1:00 pm: I get back to work and continue working on my press releases. Occasionally, I will write contracts and invoices for my boss. I usually spend the afternoon writing something and then giving it to my boss to edit. Then we usually go back and forth with edits for a while until the document is perfect!

2:30pm: I am usually done with the press release that I started in the morning. I send it out to our clients and start on a new activity to finish the day.

3:00 pm: I take a little break and check social media for myself and see what is happening.

4:00 pm: I start to wrap up whatever I was working on and send out final emails. I cross off completed tasks on the to-do list.

5:00 pm: I make my way to Penn Station to meet my dad on the train to go home!

There you have it!
A day in the life of an intern!

Have a great rest of the week!


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