Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Social Media Internship: How I Got the Job, What I’m Learning and What I’m Wearing

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If you did not already know, I am the social media and public relations intern at a public relations firm this summer!
You can read more about my first day on the job HERE.
I am having so much fun and learning so much along the way.

I am learning a lot about marketing, public relations and social media.
If you couldn’t tell, Instagram is the key marketing tool these days! It is so fascinating.
On one hand I am learning more in the office than I ever could behind my computer at home or at school. On the other hand, I am also teaching my boss and clients about how to have coherent feeds on both Instagram and Pinterest based on what I have taught myself through blogging.

It is so fascinating because I will be listening to my boss on a phone call with clients about social media, and my boss will bring up the same marketing strategies to the clients that I have taught myself for my blog. It is so cool that the strategies my boss is sharing with clients are the same ones that have worked for me and my blog. 

If you read my About Me page, then you would remember how much I have grown over the years of creating this blog, both academically, with my writing but also technologically, with my tech savviness in using Instagram to really “sell” my brand. I am so proud of myself because I am able to show everything that I have taught myself about blogging and Instagram to my boss, and more importantly, to our clients.

Last week I was given the opportunity to go to a marketing and influencer event with a client. I took the train all the way downtown to 29 Broadway where I met my client to learn all about the influencer market. 
The client was so excited to hear that I am a “influencer.”
I don’t really like that term because I just feel like an average gal with a blog! But apparently you can put me in that category because I am influencing all of you when you read my blog! 
The meeting was very cool because I got to see the brand perspective of working with influencers. In the past I have only seen the other side, the influencer perspective, when a brand reaches out to work with me. It is really cool that I now understand both sides.

As you can see, most days at work consist of me playing around with Instagram and Pinterest, but other days I get to write press releases.
To me, press releases are just fancy and super professional blog posts.
I just wrote a press release a couple of weeks ago about Meghan Markle and how every brand she wore on her wedding day can be found on Madison Avenue.
The press release has been a big success!! All the experience I have had with writing blog posts and “selling” my product, aka myself, to the world has all been self-taught and has really helped me in my internship and in the press release world!

I have to say having the experience as a blogger has helped me with this job dramatically. I think my experience with blogging, Instagram and Pinterest are really what sold my boss into hiring me!

Before this job, I never thought that blogging would a) be a job b) be something to put on my resume, and c) teach me skills that employers want!

I am very thankful to all the amazing opportunities blogging has given me and that I have given myself by deciding to create a blog!
It is one of the best decisions I could have made as a 16-year-old!


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