Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Work Wear

Banana Republic navy blue slacks | J Crew white sweater with bell sleeves ON SALE | DSW Jessica Simpson pink ballet flats | J Crew gold tassel earrings (similar)

As you know, I have always loved getting dressed up for school, parties, really any event.
Now that I am working in an office for my internship, click HERE to read more about it, I really am enjoying wearing business casual clothes.
I feel so mature and fancy in my work clothes.
It is also a bit different from how I would dress to go to class or to go to lunch with friends, well not really, but it is still fun to pick out outfits.
You will soon see that most outfits I wear to work will consist of a blouse or a dress I wear to class plus a blazer or a pair of slacks.

The other day, my friends, Daniel, Joe and I were discussing, that to have a 9-5 job in NYC is a dream.
I have always dreamed of working in New York City.
We all were saying that every young person in our town, which is a commuter town, really wants to be like their dad or mom when they grow up and take the train into the city every day for their job.
I do not want to go into the professions that my mom or dad have but I certainty do like following in the footsteps of my older brother, brother-in-law and dad, and take the train into the city for work.
I really enjoy it! Commuting makes me feel like a real big time New Yorker, even more so than I already feel.


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