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Hi! I'm Elizabeth Guariglia and welcome to Tall and Preppy, my online diary filled with travel, advice and of course, fashion!


Tall and Preppy is all about my love of preppy fashion, travel and life on Long Island. 


Let me start off by saying that I am a tall (5'9" to be exact), independent, and sassy New Yorker. Even though I am a New Yorker, I am charmed by the sweetness of the south.


I have always believed that fashion is a way of showing one's personality.

I consider myself a girly girl, who loves pink and frilly pieces but at the same time a classic girl, because I know that classic pieces such as a crisp white button down, a strand of pearls and a good pump never go out of style! At the same time, I like to have fun with my style and wear super trendy items sometimes, that may not be deemed “preppy.” However, at the end of the day I know that classic and preppy pieces are what look the best and always work for me. I love making people laugh and smile even more than I love shopping.


I created this blog before my senior year of high school, in the summer of 2015, to document my style throughout my last year in high school and all the way through college and beyond.


I wanted to create a creative space where I could document my life, but also give advice on fashion, travel, beauty and life.


This blog would not exist without the support and slight push from my mom, my fashion icon and my role model. I am 100% my mother’s daughter. We look alike, dress alike and talk alike. She taught me everything I know about fashion and she was the one that pushed me to create a blog to hopefully inspire others through my clothes and just to write about my life.


I took my mom up on her idea to create a fashion blog, impulsively picked a name for it and started blogging on Blogger. I quickly had to learn a lot of things about blogging, such as “How to use HTML” and how to format my new very pink and preppy blog. Google quickly became my best friend and helped me create the blog and Instagram I am so proud to have created today!


I love to write, and always have. I have diaries, on diaries, on diaries, dating all the way back to the early years of elementary school. But something about writing about my life in a physical diary seemed like a chore to me. But blogging and adding photos to talk about my day at school or exciting trip I went on, was not boring but fun! I soon learned that I was in love with blogging.

I was so excited to have a space to write down all of my thoughts, memories and all of my outfits. As excited as I was, I was a bit nervous. 

I come from a small town on Long Island, with a small high school, and I was afraid that I would get made fun of or even worse, bullied for having a creative outlet where I shared a lot of details of my life.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, fellow classmates in high school did find out about my blog. Some were nasty, others sweet.


Once I went to college, I tried to have more confidence with sharing my blog to people in real life but yet again I was nervous of being made fun of, like I was in high school. But that didn’t happen. I have been welcomed with WARM arms by friends at college saying how much they love my blog and that they think it is SOO cool! Of course, I’m sure there are negative opinions, but I don’t listen to them/they have never been brought to my face. I am still a bit nervous to tell new friends and acquaintances about my blog, but I am starting to get more comfortable sharing the information with people in public as I am so comfortable sharing things about myself online.


In my sophomore year of college, I started really working with brands as brand ambassadors and getting sent items to review. I finally started to call Tall and Preppy my “job.” But the best part about my “job” is that it doesn’t feel like a job. It is a lot of work; planning Instagram posts, taking pictures, writing, and editing, but I LOVE IT! Once I started calling it my “job” I decided to invest some money into the design and layout of my blog to make it more professional. I am OBSESSED with the final product, which is what it looks like now. I finally, even bought a domain, tallandpreppy.com. During my sophomore year, I started to look for internships in the Big Apple and I started to realize that I would love to do something in the fashion business as a job in the future. I also started to see that without even knowing it, Tall and Preppy has become a HUGE portfolio of my writing, my style and my life that interviewers love to see! I never thought my blog would be an asset to get me interviews or jobs, but it really has. I am so thankful for it.


Tall and Preppy has dramatically transformed over the years. I started by blogging the best year of my high school career with applying to colleges, going to prom, graduating, winning awards, and then going to college!


Since going to college, my blog has grown more as I have continued to grow as a person, a writer and a fashionista.


I am recent graduate of Wake Forest University in North Carolina where I double majored in English and French Studies.


I had a difficult time figuring what to major in, but once I realized that I LOVE to write and blog, it was a no-brainer that I would be an English major.


I plan to continue to blog the rest of my rest of my life! I am going to Hofstra Law this fall and would love to work for a French fashion house on the legal team one day.


I am proud to be a Kappa Delta. I have met some of my best friends and most loving girls I know in my sorority. After bid day my sophomore year, a new KD came up to me and asked if I was the tall and preppy blogger? I was so surprised, and excited someone had found my blog and had the courage to come up to me and talk to me about it. She had found me on Google when looking at Wake Forest. How crazy!


I have seen myself grow up over this blog and I am so proud of how far I have come both personally and professionally. Thank you to my best friends, my family and anyone and everyone that has followed me along my journey and has supported me in this crazy blogging adventure.


I hope you enjoy a look into my preppy life full of balancing classes, friends, boys, travels, and style.




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